Almo Creek3001 Elba Almo Rd
Almo, ID 83312-9700
(208) 824-5570

Tracy General Store is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places at the local level, under Criterion A, for its role in the small community of Almo, Idaho. The store was constructed in 1894 and first owned and operated by the Harry and William Eames families. The store was a general merchandise facility, which served the needs of the homesteaders with everything from food staples, to tack, dry goods to tools, shoes, household equipment, and farm implements. It also served the needs of the community as a cultural gathering place. The second floor of the store was built as an entertainment center where dances, recitations, and plays were held. The store is one of the oldest continuously operating stores in the state of Idaho (1894-2008) and continues to serve the local ranchers and farmers as well as national and international visitors to the area.

Almo, Idaho has remained a small rural village of about 150 people. The community continues to be served by the Tracy General Store and post office, church, and school. Agriculture and tourism are the main contributors to the economy of Almo. A majority of the residents of Almo are descendants of the early settlers. The Tracy General Store (originally Eames Bros.) has emerged into the 21st century with the goal of retaining the history and heritage of the store, while accommodating the needs of their customers.
City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park have drawn the tourist and recreation industry to this small town. Tourism demands have necessitated the expansion of services. Tracy General Store provides fuel, groceries, postal, internet and ATM services, feed, vet, and automotive supplies.